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Massage Therapy - Its Physical and Mental Benefits

Everyone enjoys a massage from time to time. Professional massages might cost a little money, but they are well worth every penny. They make us feel good both inside and out. Our muscles and minds relax during a massage, giving us a pure feeling of euphoria. Of course, we all know that a massage feels good from personal experience, but recent research is beginning to show that massage therapy has numerous medicinal benefits, too.

To put it into words, a massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues. You can massage your back, legs, arms, and even head and jaw. This manipulation relieves stress and relaxes the body. This might sound great, but what could it possibly do for a person's overall health?

One of the most important benefits to a massage is that it lowers a person's blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, getting a professional massage could be helpful. You'll not only relax your body, but your heart will slow down as well. High blood pressure can lead to numerous health problems such as heart attack or stroke. If you'd like to prevent these serious health conditions, an occasional massage might be one thing you can try.

Massages are good for a person's mental health, too. Many psychiatrists recommend massage therapy to their patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, and various mental conditions. The fact that massage lowers the blood pressure is all the more proof that it physically relaxes the body, which in turn relaxes the mind. Professional massage is often accompanied by relaxation music which can make the experience all the more soothing.

There are a number of other benefits to massage therapy. Pain reduction is a great reason to get a massage. Whether you have back pain, head pain, or even knee pain, massage therapy can help to reduce the amount of pain you feel.

If you've been injured, a massage is a great way to make you feel better faster. Not only does it ease the pain you feel but it also increases blood flow. This increased blood flow will help your body to heal faster from that injury. It's a two-for-one fix!

There are many more ways massage therapy can be beneficial. It can help reduce the effects of osteoporosis, assist preterm infants in development, increase pulmonary function in asthma sufferers, improve immune functions in HIV patients, and even decrease levels of glucose in people with diabetes.

So, with all these benefits, why NOT get a massage? It's not a cure-all for the above-mentioned ailments, but it sure can help and it's relatively safe. Check your local business listings for the massage therapist nearest to you and get a little work done today!

Massage Therapy Benefits

A massage after a long week of hard work and running around is surely a deserved treat. As the pudgy hands of the masseuse, slowly knead your body, they entice the stressed parts of the body to relax and rejuvenate. They know which massage therapy will suit your body and relieve you from strain. Massage therapy benefits are not only of relaxation and rejuvenation, but also other medicinal benefits. The history of massages, shows that ancient Greeks used massages for good health and healing. Thus, its clear that the massaging techniques have evolved over a period of 2000 years, granting well-being and healthy living.

Benefits of Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is the most popular massage therapy in United States. The masseuse uses long smooth stokes for massaging. They knead the layers of the skin and muscles in circular motions using lotion of oil. The gentleness of the massage makes the body feel light. Swedish massage helps in reducing back pain, arthritis, tendinitis, stress-relief, headaches, migraines, spasms and sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, respiratory problems and post-surgical rehabilitation. The 40-90 minute session begins with consultation about symptoms, lifestyle and medical history.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy massage uses scented plant oils for massaging the body. The essential oils, like the chamomile essential oil, have medicinal properties. German chamomile essential oil has the ability of inducing sleep, which is considered to be a remedy for insomnia. Depending on the problems, the massage therapists use the oils for stress relief, balancing and energizing. The most commonly used aromatherapy oil in the aromatherapy massage is the lavender oil. As you inhale the aroma, the essential oil molecules reach your limbic system and positively affect the heart-rate, breathing, memory, digestion and immune system. The oils get absorbed in the skin. The essential function of essential oils is to have a calming effect, uplifting the mood, energizing and de-congesting the system. Health benefits of massage therapy are, headache relief, curing digestive disorders, managing premenstrual syndrome and reducing back pain.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage, as the phrase suggests uses hot stones or flat stones to massage the body. The heated flat stones are placed at key points of the body for healing. The basalt type rock, is a rich source of iron and thus retains the heat. These rocks are usually found in the river beds, which is the reason why they are flat with smooth curved edges. The heat relaxes the muscles and improves circulation in the nervous system. These stones are kept on the energy centers or Chakras in the body, which bring about the harmony of body and mind. Hot stone massages help people to deal with depression, anxiety, insomnia, Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain, back pain and aches.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage, which means using 'finger pressure'. Shiatsu line of thought believes, the reason for illness is blockage in the flow of energy through the body. Basically, Shiatsu 'overactive sympathetic nervous system, which improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress.' The masseuse do this body work in a rhythm with their fingers and palms. Shiatsu relieves the body from stress, depression, constipation, poor digestion, tiredness, headache, back pain, neck and shoulder pain and premenstrual syndrome.

It has been medically proved, that massage therapy health benefits are improvement of immune system and render in holistic cure. The biggest massage therapy benefits are union of body and mind. To look at it carefully, a dysfunctional body is a result of disturbed mind. Massages are to calm the sense, improving the thinking ability of the brain. Once the brain begins to function properly, the body automatically gets better. Day-to-day stress cannot be escaped, the remedy to dealing with the stress is to indulge in massages. As a matter of fact, a health benefit of massage is 'powerful self esteem', so why not make a trip to the spa this weekend!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Asian Massage Therapy

The different types of asian massages are mentioned.
There are many forms of Asian massage therapy. These are ancient healing rituals being practiced for many centuries in India and the Far East. Thai massage, Asian massage and shiatsu has an increasing popularity in the west as the public is becoming more interested in yoga, pilates and other holistic forms of meditation and exercise.

Types of asian massage
Thai massage began in India. This type of massage uses guided stretching and Meridian pressure point therapy combined with an ancient breathing method called "pranayama". In this breathing methods are used to relax and cleanse the body and simultaneously strengthen the nervous system. The end of the sessions is the ritualized final relaxation that provides intense rest. The focus is on two things – sen that are the energy channels of the body and the different body muscles. Different yoga elements make the massage flexible and very enjoyable. This helps in focusing concentration and more efficient oxidation of the blood. Pranayama breathing technique is useful for cleansing the body and strengthening the nervous system. It boosts the immune system and assists in focusing, concentration and better oxidation of the blood.

Chinese acupressure or "tui na" includes applying pressure to the body at certain points. This is a rather tough massage therapy technique. The acupressure therapist enables the body to activate the self-healing abilities. This method has been developed since 5000 years to treat back pain, migraines, headaches, anxiety and stress. It provides intense relief and has the added benefit of weight management.

In Japanese shiatsu, there is energy rebalance and physical well-being using the palms, thumbs and fingers so that pressure is applied to certain parts of the body. It is from the Japanese words shi meaning finger and atsu meaning pressure. This is very effective in handling the emotional and psychological issues than the actual physical ones. There is rebalancing of the bone system, maintaining balance of the nervous system, enhanced circulatory function and greater skin and muscle flexibility. The roots of this technique are in Japanese philosophy, however usually the Chinese practiced it. This method focuses on the "hara" which is the energy center of the body. It is tried to treat the entire body using this technique. Pressure application, joint rotations and stretches are the usual practices in Shiatsu massage.

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but hands are used instead of needles. Using the hands, pressure is applied on various energy centers or meridians. Due to this different symptoms concerning different body parts related to various meridians are relieved. Due to this the blood circulation in different body parts are are also affected.

In Indonesian massage, special oils are used for the massage. The elements of the traditional Thai massage are executed. However, the span of the massage is shorter than the Thai massage. Spinal twists and some other techniques are utilized. Different problems concerning abdomen like indigestion, heartburn bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome can be treated.

Massage therapy
This is the systematic manipulation of soft tissues to normalize them. Different physical methods are used to apply fixed or movable pressure and holding or causing movement to the body. Therapists generally use their hands for therapy. However, they may also use the feet, elbows or forearms. The main aim of massage therapy is to assist the body to heal itself and enhance the health and well-being. Touch is the important aspect of this therapy. The sense of touch is used to determine the correct amount of pressure to apply to different persons and find out areas of tension and different soft-tissue problems. When muscles are overworked, waste products like lactic acid collect in the muscle and cause soreness, muscle spasm and stiffness. Massage enhances the circulation due to which blood flow may be increased and fresh oxygen can be brought to the body tissues. Therapeutic massage boosts the circulatory system and immune system so that the blood pressure, muscle tone, circulation, digestion and skin tone can be benefited.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Swing pat dry" .. this better than expected.

Skin care is something that many people cherish the most. Statistics on sales of cosmetics on skin. The sales were very high. Wash your face with facial cleanser without soap or cleansers. With lotion. Clean, then apply foundation, powder, sunscreen, a skin care cream before bed. Facial massage cream, face wrinkles, a nose grind faces a permanent eyebrows. Pink tattoo by the lips. Goodies as possible.This would suggest another approach. Not to waste money. Or lose much time. Both will do well wherever he is phenomenal in the face with a good range of skin soft, clear light on the brain, eyes and mind Video sad face. Not dull, with a try ... you can.7 wonders facial posture.
It is a sleekThe index finger middle finger, ring finger of both hands. Click on the eye brow and gently push it firmly enough to move up three fingers on the neck and head, I swing 10-20 times.Pier 2, powderUse your middle finger above the head and two eyes (nose cone) is fairly tight, push your finger up to the forehead. Collection until the end of inches. (Except the thumb) and then rubbed on the cheek close to the side of the chin to 10-20.Pier 3, napkins.The right hand under the chin to the back of the hand pressed firmly on the hand under the chin pretty drag from left to right, is one of the left hand to brace the same mouth, then do 10-20 times.Pier 4, wipe your chin.After a leaning right hand under the chin to the back of the hand pressed firmly to the chin, fairly Then drag your hand from left to right using the left hand is a time to do the same to 10-20 times.At 5, then under the chin.Use your thumb to press the two sides under the chin to the tip of your finger perpendicular to the chin. Using moderate pressure for 10 seconds or tens of 10-10 points over the slowly moving forward under the chin over the 5-10 times.Pier 6, and rub behind the ears.Use a fork to the ear. The extended middle finger and index finger grip loosely. Hand to rub cheeks with the effort to close the first time, do 20-30 times.Pier 7, and the neck.Palm off the ears. (Left hand off the left ear. Right off the right ear) and inches at the neck. And a tilt-inch stretch to the middle finger up as much as possible. Then slap on the neck with both hands with force enough to make 20-30 two times.I do not raise your hands away from your ear. The result of undue pressure to have a negative effect

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Massage and exercise. who like to watch sports. The Boxing. Often observed that each lift. Act as mentors, squeeze, massage the muscles of the boxer. Especially the arms and legs before the next fight in other sports such as football are among the massage routine in the team. Massage serves to squeeze the athletes ahead of the competition. After the trauma of the muscles in the race. Often, we were playing sports. Or a new exercise. When you feel pain, muscle aches. We massage the muscles to squeeze the arm or leg, or ask others to make. And after the massage. I feel pain when they stay down. Many of you have any questions that come up. Massage is necessary to exercise or not? And, if necessary, before the exercise. Or after exercise? The massage was not the reason. If we exercise the heart will beat faster. Blood will flow better. Therefore, it does not need a massage. Because the body can not increase the blood flow as much as exercise. And often makes the treatment even more tired. Those who disagree, it is often said. The exercise has given rise to energy metabolism in the body. The downside is congestion in the muscle. Massage it into the muscle to be removed quickly. Ache to go away quickly. And if the other party in the middle it says. If you have a good massage. Massage does not matter. It seems that this debate will not end easily. And even those who have supported the body. When asked whether massage before or after exercise. The result is a third party. One should say pre-workout massage. It will make workouts more effective. But another said. The massage after exercise only. It helps to eliminate waste faster. And would like to say that a third party. A massage before or after exercise time. It makes it more confusing. Massage is a part of the body movement. Just as exercise. But the movement is done by others. Or not acted upon the orders of the nervous system to cause muscle contraction. In addition, the difference between massage and exercise, is to massage the muscles will not shrink. Treatment, but muscles are being stretched. Without the injection of up If you gently press against the skin, deep. To feel under the skin of the fat. The more deeply into the membrane covering the muscles. Next is a muscle. If you press down hard to find a bone. The body consists of multiple tissue layers and each layer will not stick together as one flesh. The muscles and tendons that move on the decline. And when they are moving all over. Allows us to exercise or play sports. Also in the muscles of blood vessels, we also have many The nerves were fried to order the muscle contraction, according to the needs of the brain so the body can cause the skin to the fatty membrane covering the bone tissue, muscle, blood vessels and nerves. Massage makes the skin firm and better flexibility. Allows for easier movement. Heat is released through sweat, with sweat, the better. Body fat under the skin, not strong cohesion. Easy to break or be used in other parts more easily. Reduce obesity indirectly. Massage is a membrane stretched taut bands in muscles. Muscle contraction speed and convenience. And shrink as much. Resulting in more power. Massage the membrane bones are flexible enough. Does not tear easily while exercising, such as tennis or golf. Massage is the treatment and discharge strokes. The blood is injected up into sections. The more muscle. And the small blood vessels to grow into more. To transport oxygen to muscles. And removes waste from the body away from the muscles faster. Oxygen debt, making it less (Amount of oxygen to compensate for the decrease in muscle after exercise). Massage makes the pain of the nerves down. By a mechanism similar to acupuncture. The massage is a useful exercise. Or play sports to help maintain the health of athletes. Prevent the injection of a muscle or membrane, and reduce accidents. Because of the movement more agile. Muscle pain and fatigue. And reduce the pain enough. It also helps the muscles, joints, and injury rehabilitation. And return to exercise or play sports more quickly. This has been proven for many years. The man emerged from the earth. The answer to that question. The massage before or after exercise. It depends on the purpose of the massage. If you want the body to maintain health or prevent injuries in sports like boxing or football in unison, much like a sports massage before exercise. I want to maintain their fitness or rehabilitation. The aim of the course then. Methods of treatment are different. Massage for Health may by grace. To achieve relaxation. Or severe in order to stimulate the skin. And massage the muscles and often throughout the body. Body to protect it. The only congestion, such as muscle tension. The difficulty of fitting one. The muscle scars on point. The massage is deep and hard to extend the jam out of it and slowly. Massage therapy. Need to know if there is any injury such as a sprain of the muscles, tendons, or membrane, or the muscles. Treatment should be done by the students. Or experience in this field, in particular physiotherapists. Traditional Medical Massage of the study. Or doctor of sports medicine and bone. Massage for rehabilitation after injury. I need to do to help the wounded back to its original condition as possible. The specific treatment. To increase the flow to that part up. And with the administration to be imported into the exercise again. It must be done by personnel with expertise in particular. As in massage therapy. Massage is not intended, and with negligence. Would cause more harm than good, so it should get a massage treatment. And learn from medical personnel on the current plans and traditional first. Otherwise, hope your good. May cause trauma to those you love and respect. I hope to become ill.

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"The benefits of massage."

 The massage is the best way to reduce the premature. As can be seen that girl. Many a life would be a massage ever. Suggest that a bit .. should wash hands thoroughly before the massage. Echedngm drugs and face (Cleanser), then mop with warm towels on your face. The most appropriate time for the massage should be a period of time before you go to bed would be best. The morning you will find that your face is bright and lively, it's not. Aside from that, then we see the good. Any of the massage is over ..
The benefits of massage are as follows. 1. Stimulates the epidermis skin cells to fall away. New healthy skin cells instead. 2. Stimulate blood flow. Help bring nutrients and oxygen to nourish the skin as you become stronger. 3. Helps the skin to receive nutrients and treatments better. 4. Is relaxed and comfortable front. 5. Even if it is to massage shops. It is a perfect vacation. Be careful of massage are also available, but not so much. 1. The avoidance of skin during the menstrual cycle. The surface is quite fragile. Cause and sensitive. 2. Meticulous about selecting a product or a service. The best selection of products or the quality and safety. 3. Emphasizes that massage is not to use excessive force. Or substance containing acid. The most commonly found in beauty salons to service the customers face to face with massage. As a result of the chemical with the acid can cause allergies and irritation. It also may stimulate the facial skin. The skin around the eyes and cheekbones.